Youth Empowerment

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Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment aims to improve quality of life. Youth empowerment is achieved through participation in youth empowerment programs. However scholars argue that children’s rights implementation should go beyond learning about formal rights and procedures to give birth to a concrete experience of rights. The Empowerment Skills can be said to be of five kinds, namely: Life Coping Skills, Manipulative Skills, Intellectual Skills, Communicative Skills and Artistic Skills and Life Coping Skills.

Why Empower the Youth

​Simply being a Millennial or a member of Gen Z is no guarantee that the digital skills in youth are up to scratch or at full potential.  The more a person knows about technology, the more attractive they become in career development and, hopefully, securing high-quality employment.  Digital literacy means empowering people with various technologies to think more creatively and easily learn to participate actively and successfully in their job role by using the existing and upcoming digital tools and devices.  The acquisition of digital skills, from basic to advanced, is a journey that should start from home and continue through their education, always upskilling from primary to further or tertiary education.

As young people prepare for the workforce, they should continually expand their knowledge of emerging technologies. This will help future employers consider them as being easier to train and re-skill throughout their employment.  Digital literacy policies and initiatives all have the aim of bridging the gap between digital skills in student life and the industry of today.  But are we doing enough?  Are we doing it right? How can we do it better?

There is no doubt that in today’s world, digital skills have become crucial for the development of youth.  The digital competencies in people will decide the level of success in their career, employment, and well being as a citizen. This discussion thread should give enough appetite to discuss youth upskilling and re-skilling in different countries and environments.

When youth are empowered, they feel confident and capable. They become active contributors and collaborators, excited to explore their impact on the world around them. When youth participate in established empowerment programs they see a variety of benefits. The practices of youth involvement and empowerment become embedded within the organizational culture and the community culture.[3] Adults and organizations also benefit from empowerment programs. They both become more communicable and responsive to youth in the community, which leads to program improvements as well as increased participation from youth.

Adapting skills to the jobs of the future

It is believed that we are living in the fourth industrial revolution. Things are changing so fast that we have no choice but to learn to adapt and be resilient. In the future of work, professions that don’t exist today may even turn up.

According to a recent report, 85% of the jobs that today’s learners will be doing in 2030 haven’t been invented yet. This has frightened a whole lot of people who believe that their roles will be rendered useless; with students, in particular being concerned about the relevance and helpfulness of what they are currently studying. In all countries the implications for skills development are momentous. Many of the jobs that will be generated over the next two decades do not exist today; yet most of the workforce of those years is already in education and training.

Skills development is expected to play a major role as economies move toward cleaner energy use, creating new, green jobs. Several countries are already reporting shortages of skills in the renewable energy and other “green” sectors. “There is an urgent need for training in the full complement of skills required across a broad range of jobs so that economies can both continue ‘greening’ and realize the potential growth in employment the process offers,”

Importance of Youth Empowerment:

  • Poverty Eradication from the Society:
  • Crime Reduction from the Society:
  • Improved Standards of Education for the Society:
  • Employment Creation:
  • Youth become Financially Independent:
  • They Learn more to Earn more:
  • They are always in Search of Opportunities:
  • Create a Sense of Responsibility:

Benefits of Youth Empowerment

Financial freedom

Youth empowerment can contribute to creating employment for the youth so they can be able to be independent and take care of themselves. Not only does it allow the youth to have financial freedom, it also allows them to contribute towards the country’s economy.

Good education standards

Education is important, and it’s a human right. Empowering the youth will help them understand and value the importance of education and give them the opportunity to make better decisions for the future while giving them more options for their careers.

Eradicate poverty

Even though poverty is a global challenge that affects all of us, it’s important for youth empowerment to be prioritised in order to avoid poverty. This means that there needs to be more importance placed, not only on school education, but also on career development, skills training and employment for young people.  When people are employed, they are less financially vulnerable and this can help decrease poverty amongst the youth (and in general).

Reduce the crime rate

The state of poverty in South Africa is a contributing factor to the high crime rate. When the youth is unemployed and have no means to make money, they tend to resort to crime which is not a good thing. When the youth is empowered and can make ends meet, they won’t see the need to turn to crime so they can survive because they’ll have a purpose and inspiration to lead good lives.


Youth empowerment is about giving young people equal opportunities and the courage to follow their passions. Not only do the youth get the chance to pursue their dreams, but they also get to boost their sense of self – because when you are able to make your life easier and more fulfilling, you become happier and more confident.

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